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  • Tsum Valley Trek

    Remote Area Trek

    Overview Tsum valley, unknown and undiscovered to everybody and finally hatched with exploration under initiation from TAAN (Trekking Agent Association of Nepal). It is beautiful, not many people have reached there. This scenic and panoramic landscape is in Gorkha District which holds a historic background of whole Nepal's Shah...

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    Dolpo Region

    Overview Lower Dolpa trek offers a real adventure trekking on remote and rugged natural unspoiled corner simply beyond the Himalayan valleys across western Nepal. The Dolpo region preserves one of the last remnants of traditional Tibetan culture where the pre-Buddhist Bon-Po religion is still in practice. High mountains including the...

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    Day Tours

    Day Hiking in Nagarjun Hill is one of the relaxing hiking destination from the central point of Kathmandu i.e. Thamel. Nagarjun also called as Jamacho hill is situated in Balaju which is only few minutes' walk from central Thamel. As a matter of fact, it is the nearest hill site of Kathmandu valley. The Nagarjun Hill is the most popular pilgrimage...

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  • Paragliding in Pokhara

    Day Tours

    Paraglider is a foot-launched, ram-air, aerofoil canopy which flies with the energy of wind, gravity and pilot's power to steer. It descends due to gravity and ascends due to air pressure. With the help of air pressure, pilot decides when and where to fly, soar, dive and eventually land it safely. Adventure seekers seek depths and space where...

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    Day Tours

    Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour is a fantastic way to explore the Annapurna range without the hassle of long days of trekking. This ultimate scenic helicopter ride will give you some of the best mountain views and sceneries. As you fly above through the Annapurna range take in the breathtaking views of the glaciers, moraines, and peaks. We...

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  • Manaslu Trekking

    Manaslu Region

     Mount Manaslu is located East of the Annapurna range.This trek offers unsurpassed beauty and rich blend of Tibetan and Nepalese culture and true adventure for visitors to Nepal. Here you will find the mountains and valleys covered with diverse and pristine eco-systems. Fantastic mountain views, rich culture, and genuine adventure...

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  • Manaslu Larkya-la Pass Trek

    Manaslu Region

    Manaslu Larkya La Pass Trek is an adventure trek in Nepal. The trekking in Manaslu regionl offers thrilling and exciting experience and together with that stunning views of the magnificent snowcapped mountains filled with innocence of the people residing in this region. Mansalu is the eight highest mountain in the world and as much as it sounds...

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  • Nepali Cuisine Cooking Class

    Day Tours

    They say one of the best ways to know a culture is through its cuisine- so except to enjoy a slice of authentic Nepali life in this authentic, cooking class. Cooking class with Himalayan Social Journey (HSJ) is interactive class where you get to learn and asked about the history, background of the food with our very own cooking instructor. The class...

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  • One Day Yoga Retreat

    Day Tours

    The word Yoga is derived from Sanskrit word "Yuj" which means to join. Hence, the meaning of Yoga simply means the Union. It is the combination of physical, mental and spiritual practice. Yoga is not a physical exercise. It is the union of individual consciousness to universal conscience (lower self to higher self) and its development into our...

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