Why Book With Us?

1. 17 Years’ Long Experience

We have 17 years of experience organizing Nepal, Bhutan, and India tours, so you can trust us to provide you with the trip of a lifetime.

2. Accountable Service

Our entire team of HSJ leaves no stone unturned to ensure that you receive the most reliable service possible throughout your trip.

3. Experienced And Professional Team

The entire team of HSJ, including the crew, is responsible and professional. They are always optimistic about making the journey more enjoyable.

4.  Our Commitment To Social Work

We are deeply committed to supporting social development in Nepal's poorest areas, particularly in the remote mountain communities from which we hail.

So, 10% of profits from each package program will be used to improve rural education and reforestation initiatives in various parts of the country through various social organizations.

 5.  Meet Our Families

Immerse yourself in our remote mountain way of life at our homestay. Get to know our team and our families - live and breathe the Nepali spirit and culture.

6.  Better Safe Than Sorry

We take your safety very seriously and take all necessary efforts to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable journey.

7. Well–Equipped Group

Our scheduled tours include a maximum of 16 people and a minimum of 2.

8.  Guaranteed Departure Dates

Our departure dates are guaranteed, so you can be confident in your booking.

9.  Choose Your Own Adventure

Don't fancy yourself a tour person? Want to take a different route? We can cater to small or large groups and customize your tour or dates with personal guides and porters.

10.  No Hidden Costs

Our tours are all inclusive and have no hidden local payments that blow your budget.

11. Trip Advisor Excellency Winner

So far, HSJ has received the Certificate of Excellence in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. With consistent ratings of 5.0, Himalayan Social Journey has earned a place among the very best as an exceptional performer in Trip Advisor's global business community.

12. 55% Repeated Customers

We are proud to let you know that we get in an opportunity to serve 55% of the repeated customers each year.

13. Over 150 Holiday Packages With Customized Trips

Variations in trip packages are always fascinating and memorable too for the lifetime. So, here we offer the same.

14. Knowledge & Experience

At the Himalayan Social Journey, we work hard to bring you the most thrilling, fascinating, and spectacular destinations and activities while staying within your budget.

15. Personal Touch

Travel arrangements are designed to give you a tailored travel experience based on your interests and aspirations. It's your wish, our order.

16. Hassle-Free Travel Treparation

With our extensive travel expertise, we will work to make your planning and travel as hassle-free as possible, giving you more fun at your destination.

17. Utmost Attention To Little Details

As experienced professionals, we know how much goes into planning a trip. We can provide you with meaningful, frequently overlooked information, such as flights, insurance, rescue helicopters, water purification on the trip, and your language guide.

18. Time And Money

All of us want value for money. We will keep our costs as low as possible by exchanging negotiated rates with hotels, specialist directories, industry suppliers, and airlines with whom we deal.

One advantage we can give is truly priceless; though it's time while we handle the heavy lifting, you can relax knowing that we're preparing your perfect trip down to the last detail.

19. Unparalleled Support

Things can go wrong; how we handle these situations sets us apart. If anything dramatic happens, like you get ill from altitude sickness and you can't go on holiday, we give:

a) Deferral to a later date

b) An alternate holiday of the same name.

c) Full refund (Cancellation policy apply)

20. Refer To A Friend

A huge amount of our business comes from repeat customers and their references, and there's never been an easier way to make a quick buck. Simply refer a friend to us (if you enjoyed your vacation, of course), and if they book a vacation with us, you and they will receive a discount on the next trip for you, of course.

21. Recognition & Accolades

We are very proud of the recognition and the positive press that appreciate the consistency and commitment of our service. 

22. Lifetime Deposit Guarantee

We always allow customers to change their travel date and destination without extra cost.

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