Situated at Southeast Asia between gigantic nations, China and India, Nepal is a small landlocked country. Regardless of its small size, it has been blessed with scenic beauty. Its perfect place for climbers and adventure seekers. Its rich culture, natural beauty, religious and cultural diversity makes it have a lot of potentials to make the best use of tourism to assist its economy. With the realization that maximum advantage of tourism has still been out of reach and the need to have proper strategies, effective plans and also effective use of resources, NTB (Nepal's Tourism Board) has not started to take tourism sector of Nepal seriously. With the new brand name "Naturally Nepal, Once is not enough", NTB is now promoting Nepal as a tourist destination. NTB is publicizing Nepal in the domestic and worldwide market and is moving toward repositioning the image of the country. (Nepal 5 Tourism Board, 2017). NTB is buckling down regarding advancing the nation through online media, summits, workshops and taking an interest in the travel industry projects, travel and the travel industry fairs, the world over.

Nepal receives millions of tourists from all over the year every year and all the destinations of attractions are mountainous region. Nepal is gifted with breathtaking scenes, mountains, lakes and national parks. These attractions have pulled in numerous guests just as the trekking and experience practices have incorporated another flavour in the travel industry of Nepal. They want to explore those isolated parts of the country and you would want to know, why exactly. Here, you will know, why Nepal is travellers' ultimate destination. 

World's 8 tallest mountains!


With eight of the main fourteen most elevated summits on the planet and probably the most excellent scenes which are just reachable by walking, trekking in Nepal is one of the remarkable encounters of Asia. Nepal has a wide history of mountaineering with the early explorers being teased into the profound valleys and elevated mounts by the challenges of untrodden summits. Today Nepal has built up a critical help industry around mountaineering with various administrations being given to help outside undertakings in achieving their wants and goals among the abode of the day off.

A most popular activity for all age groups

Trekking is the most well-known activity in Nepal for both domestic and international tourists, and explorers are no less in numbers, strolling in the city of Kathmandu and the trekking centre point, Pokhara, with guides, sorted out visits and rigging available to be purchased or rented. The large assortment of choices takes into consideration the individuals of numerous ages and capacities to endeavour a trek in the nation. While you could go through a year arranging a campaign to wild and grand places only very few would set out endeavour like peak climbing, you could likewise land in Kathmandu without any plans and be on the trail in merely days.

The unique experience of Nepali rural life    


Regardless of what many may see, trekking in Nepal isn't meandering alone through an unknown wild. Trekking is one of the most renowned exercises in Nepal. Pretty much every need, for example, food to eat and place to stay at, is given to the trekkers in all the principle trekking zones. Additionally, the trails are kept up well overall and are signposted. The three primary and the most effectively reachable trekking territories are the Everest, Langtang and the Annapurna districts. In addition, Annapurna and Langtang can be gotten to through streets a well. Other than this, Great Himalaya Trails and distinctive trekking areas are reachable through Domestic flights. For arriving at the higher mountain territories, trekkers need to trek for a couple of days. As they stroll along the trekking trails, voyagers will frequently find a remarkable inverse; many local people passing by with supply of food, water and other odd necessities back to their homes in the village, alongside many individual trekkers. The routinely dispersed towns and teahouses enable trekkers' great chances to rest and recuperate, either for a couple of moments or the night. The solid culture and open invitingness of the Nepalese individuals can likewise be experienced as one crosses the slope tracks.

Nature's Lover Paradise


Nepal is blessed with bio-diversity and is rich with 6391 different flowering plants, 2532 types of vascular plants, 130 endemic species, and the all-out level of the types of plants found in Nepal is 2.80%. Particularly, the vegetation substance of the nation has seen a progressive increment over the timeframe, for the most part, packed in the various Government secured zone. Additionally, the land and climatic variability in the national impact the manor of the nation. Rhododendron, which is the national flower of Nepal is additionally found in bounty in the Himalayan parts of the nation. The trekking trails are decorated up with the spotting of uncommon plants like brilliant Michelia, Serpentina, Spikenard, Himalayan Yew, Panch aule, Yarsagumba and some more.

Close encounter with rare wildlife


Alongside the verdure assorted variety, Nepal additionally has special and rare habitats of creatures. Nepal has countless exceptional creatures because of its topographic and statistic variety. Nepal doesn't have any regular territories for the natural life, however, the legislature of Nepal has ensured some territory as untamed life holds, national parks and asylum to secure the imperilled and uncommon species accessible in the nation. As Nepal is home to creatures, for example, a sharp bladder that is rare and interesting to the nation, untamed life gives top-level input in the field of the travel industry. Musk deer, Himalayan Black Bear, One-horned rhinoceros, Asiatic elephant, and so forth .are a portion of the extraordinary species found in Nepal.

Experience true remoteness


Nepal is a developing country. Though major cities have stepped on milestones of development, rural areas of countries are still isolated from all the fleets of advancement. No road access, no proper lighting, no access to the internet and not many food menus in tea houses. This may come out as setbacks of lack of development, it, however, doesn’t mean there is no advantage. It serves as the experience of primitive lifestyle. Not being exploited is the best trait. It may not have been an easy way of life to people living in remote areas but for people who enjoy trekking, it is still best suited because they would have to trek and not opt for alternatives to reach to the mountains. Not having access to the internet makes social interaction more fun.

Trek to contribute to the local economy 


At the point when we book your trek with a neighbourhood organization, the cost you paid straightforwardly goes to the nearby economy. As the travel industry is the principle wellspring of the Nepalese economy, a huge number of local people may get business openings. The greater part of the neighbourhood offices is occupied with their social obligation use the local resources and network, to which you're reserving with the neighbourhood organizations help local people in some way or another. You can contribute to tourism in the country because locals living in these areas depend on tourism primarily. You would be helping locals earn their daily income from running guest houses and tea houses.

So many places, so little expense


Nepal being a mountainous country, you have many options of packages to choose from. You have many options based on budget, days and also altitude. Local trekking organizations are adaptable essentially and can customize the outing agenda according to your suits, time spans, and necessities where the travel agencies abroad have a lot of fixed schedule to you with constrained alternatives. Many local organizations in Nepal in travel industries include alternatives and can be adaptable according to your interest and suggestions. You can set your very own style on your vacation with them. The International offices just can offer the customized trek agenda and modified occasion as indicated by your number of days in Nepal yet as a home country organization, it can be arranged that trip be feasible and flexible. Along these lines, we will be adaptable with the schedule longer or shorter days according to your prerequisite.

Plunge into diverse cultures 


Being a multi-sociocultural, ethnical and lingual nation, Nepal presents you with different varieties as far as culture and convention. The Nepalese society can be partitioned into numerous layers as per the elevation, geology, inception and so forth; you will experience various ethnic communities in transit while trekking in Nepal. Nepal has a sum of 26 million individuals which comprises more than 40 different casts and costumes of tribes who communicate in more than many dialects in 93 distinct lingos. Consequently, all aspects of the nation give the explorers an interesting perspective on the way of life and exceptional conventional customs. Besides, the Nepalese society appears to have advanced in setting a unique example of UNITY IN DIVERSITY which makes Nepal one of the most socially differing nations.

Expand your social relations


Last but not least, the hospitality of people living in those areas are unmatchable. You would be treated with so much respect that you would be overwhelmed by joy from feeling of acceptance.  

Set up your hands together and say Namaste smiling as they return your gestures with veritable grins of acknowledgement. 'You are welcome, you are our respected guests' state the well-disposed grins. Nepali individuals are probably the friendliest people on the planet which is one reason guests hold returning as they believe in "Atithi Devo Bhaba" meaning "Guests are an incarnation of God". Nepal is an inconceivably assorted nation and home to various religions, race, clans, and societies. The nation has more than 100 ethnic gatherings and is practically a mixture of a lot (more than 90) dialects and ethnicity. 

A Nepali family once acquainted with you is well on the way to welcome you in for a dinner. Indeed, even the least fortunate individuals will impart their supper to visitors. Maybe, this is the significant explanation, why a traveller can't stay a visitor for long in Nepal. When a visitor starts to know the spot and its kin, he is never again an outsider - he is an esteemed guest.

Now that you know why you should be trekking and why Nepal being your trekking destination would be so great, maybe you want to pack your backpacks and pay those enthralling beauties some visit. We are here to guide your way to them. You just have to place your enquiry now!

Not much of a trekker or mountain climber?

Well not a problem, Nepal still has more to offer to travel enthusiasts. Read here!