As of September 16, 2020, the Government of Nepal has announced the loosening the lockdown of the Capital of the country i.e. Kathmandu. While the essential business remained opened during the lockdown, there was limited functioning of them. Travel and trekking companies were deemed unessential and long withheld travel business due to COVID-19 pandemic, was finally announced to be opened from 16th September.

While this came out as shocking surprise, tourism and mountaineering committee rejoice this announcement as this is the revival of pivotal source of income of the country and its millions of people expensed at the tourism industry and employment it provides. People now can be able to trek and tour in Nepal with strict precautions and mitigation measures of COVID-19.

The guidelines and mitigations of measures though are yet to be formally published, the touring and trekking companies have now begun to accept new bookings and people from all over the world are looking forward to visiting Nepal and tick off their bucket list.

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What to know regarding the easing down of the lockdown in Kathmandu?

·         Main industries considered as essential business have been accessible until 11:00 hours in the morning and from 17:00-19:00 hours afterwards.

·         Customs takeovers and other distribution facilities from 12:00 to 19:00 hours shall be allowed to operate.

·         On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, shopping centres and expensive products shops are open.

·         Restaurants are allowed to open starting September 17.

·         On September 17, hotels may also be opened.

·        Nepal Immigration reopened its activities on September 13 in Kalikasthan, Kathmandu. For updates on visa issues, all visa holders who need visa-related services may contact the Immigration Department.

For the places outside Kathmandu, Local government and authorities are authorized to impose lockdowns. This is left to their discretion and jurisdictions.

What does it mean for Foreign Tourists? Is it possible to enter Nepal now?

On 14 September, the government declared that all access ports into Nepal would remain shut down until midnight on 16 October. There are a few boundary points from which entry is authorized for the returning people of Nepal.

At this time, no foreigners are allowed to enter Nepal. The Government of Nepal has introduced provisions for military, foreign and certain foreign NGO and INGO professionals.

This means, for personal and traveling purposes, foreigners would have to wait until 17th October to get the entry into the country.

What is the entry and exit requirements for Nepal?

• Negative PCR test results produced within 72 hours before leaving the country of origin are needed.

• The government demands that the Chiefs of District Officer approve negative PCR test results from other districts outside the valley to reach the Kathmandu Valley.

• The international airport procedures currently include temperature control and a spray disinfection area.

• A compulsory 7- 14-day quarantine is required for all newcomers.

• Suspicious cases are also quarantined for 14 Days.

Where can I get PCR tests in Kathmandu? And at what cost?

Various hospitals provide PCR test services in Kathmandu Valley. COVID-19. The expenses of the evaluation are borne by people themselves.  Records of private hospitals continuing to charging the previous limit of Rs. 4,400 are still found in the capital. However, the cost of PCR test as announced by the government of Nepal is to be no more than Rs 2000. 

You can get the test done at the following hospitals:

Norvic International Hospital, Thapathali, Kathmandu, (01) 425-8854.

Star Hospital, Sanepa Heights Road, Lalitpur, (01) 555-0197.

HAMS, Mandikhatar, Kathmandu, (01) 437-7404.

Other Frequently asked questions

Is there lockdown still imposed in the country or in the parts of the country?

No, Lockdown has been uplifted. Some limited parts of the countries with high cases counts are under the lockdown which however has been eased.

Is it possible to travel from Kathmandu to other districts or states?

Yes, it is possible however the number of vehicles is limited and only 50% seats are allowed to be occupied in any medium of transportation.

What are the restrictions of transportation?

Odd and even number system is in place for private vehicles. Public transportations have limited seats and price can be charged double than usual. Only two seats can be occupied in both private vehicles and taxis.

Are domestic, international and commercial flights under the operations?

Only limited flights are under operations. Eight international and 2 domestic flights are under operations but for limited purposes. Foreigners are not yet allowed to have entry into the country.

Are trekking companies and hotels taking new bookings?

Yes, hotels and trekking/travel companies have started taking new bookings.

Is Mask compulsory?

Yes, everyone is expected and required to put on mask and use other safety precautions to remain safe from COVID-19.

Is there fine and punishments for non-compliance?

Nepal's government has declared that members of the public will be, and have been arrested and fined outside without a mask. The state, however, has not distributed information on the punishments for such arrests.

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