"A very enjoyable flight and an everlasting memory"

"Enjoyable & Impressive views of the Himalayas"

"Magnificent and Majestic Everest"

"The flight of a lifetime - fabulous!"

Feedback from some of our past passengers... 

Mountain flights are the easiest way to watch over the grandeur of Himalayas. Believe it or not, through plane window seat you will feel like you have seen the most majestic view of the white Himalayas that will just blow your mind away. 

If you are wondering if you should do this short but incredible activity then we are here to give you all the reasons why you should do the flight.

1)   Close view of Mount Everest and other Himalayan range
It is not every day, you get to see the view of the highest mountain in the world. The mighty Mount Everest also is known as Sagarmatha in the Nepali language is the exciting part of this trip. The close up of view of Everest along with other famous tallest mountains in the world is just awesome. In this midair adventure along with the breathtaking view of the Mt. Everest, you will also get to see the view of other majestic peaks like Cho Oyu, Kanchenjunga, Annapurna range, Lhotse, Nuptse, Langtang Himal, Makalu, Shishapangama, Pumori, Melugtse, Gauri Shankar and others. 
All the passengers are given a chance to look at the incredible view of the snowcapped mountain, glaciers, gorges, moraines, smoky clouds from the cockpit of the plane. 

2)   You have a short amount of time
If you are in Nepal for a very short time or you are bounded by your other schedules, then you should do mountain flight. Because the total duration of the mountain flight is about 3 hours. Within these 3 hours, you can have an amazing view of the Himalayas of Nepal. 

3)   Very affordable
Mountain flight in Nepal is affordable for all the ages of people. At just USD 180 per person, you can soar across the white Himalayan range of Nepal and capture the beguiling view of gorges, cliffs, and mountains floating in between the white smoky clouds. 

4)   A great alternative to trekking
We know some of us are unable to make the strenuous walk up to the base camp. There is much reason which stops us from achieving our wish to be close to the beautiful mountains. There are many factors like our health condition, not being able to cope with great heights and trekking in Nepal is quite expensive too. Mountain flight covers all the factors like not having a flexible schedule to explore the mountains.  

5) Enjoy a glass of Champagne on the clouds
A glass of champagne is given to all the traveler partaking in Everest Scenic Flight. Enjoy a glass of champagne with a glorious view of White Mountains in front of you from the window seat of your plane.With a glass of Champagne, you will be given a certificate of appreciation by the airlines for doing this incredible flight.

These are some of the few reasons why you should do mountain flight while you are in Nepal. So, are you ready to hop on this flight of a lifetime with Himalayan Social Journey? If you are then feel free to write to our support team