What is Visit Nepal 2020?
Visit Nepal 2020 is a yearlong campaign which was announced by government of Nepal with a target of attracting 2 million foreign tourists. The announcement was made on May 2018. The motto of Visit Nepal 2020 is "Lifetime Experiences". 

History of Tourism in Nepal
Nepal first opened its gate to foreigner in 1950. With an aim of promoting the vast Himalayan range, Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage and the beautiful countryside lifestyle along with large southern dense jungles of Nepal, Nepal first held its promotional campaign in the year of 1998 with a motto of "A sustainable habitat through sustainable tourism" with a marketing slogan of "Visit Nepal 1998 – A world of its own". The next campaign was held almost 2 decade later in the year of 2011 with a slogan "Together for Tourism" with marketing theme "Nepal Tourism Year – 2011".

The first campaign bought on some remarkable improvements in aviation sector such as increasing the number of international flights and seat capacities. The nation welcomed a large number of visitors. 

The 2011 campaign helped in boosting the economic growth of Nepal by generating job opportunities for many youths of the country. Likewise, it brought a huge improvements in the airports of remote areas of Nepal like Dolpo, Kalikot, Mugu, Janakpur, Dhangadi and Humla. 

Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign and What to Expect?
For Visit Nepal 2020, Nepal plans to operate two new international Airports in Lumbini and Pokhara. The government plans to operate the Airport for additional 3 hours from regular 18 hours to ensure the availability of services for arriving and departing tourists. Furthermore, the government has added new airbus 330-220 to serve large number to people travelling to Nepal. The government has declared that they are arranging to confirm air services agreements with countries like Japan, Turkey, UAE, Egypt, and China etc.

Besides aviation sector, the government is planning to amend Tourism Act to relate regarding casino regulation, tours and trekking regulation and Mountaineering Expedition Regulation. 

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